A Class of Describing Periodicals I (Mirođija, Bubanj, Srpska vezilja, Policijski glasnik)

Rošulj, Žarko

Час описа часописа I (Мирођија, Бубањ, Српска везиља, Полицијски гласник)


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

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Žarko Rošulj’s cycle of books A Class of Describing Periodicals I–V, even though it is thematically very diverse, represents a unified whole dedicated to studying those areas of literary periodicals and papers that often remained insufficiently researched on account of their marginalised position.

In the first book of the cycle, the author deals with three periodicals from Vršac (Bubanj [Drum], Mirođija [Dill], Srpska vezilja [Serbian Seamstress]) and one from Belgrade (Policijski glasnik [The Police Herald]), trying to show how even “minor” literary periodicals considerably influenced the socio-political and cultural development in their surroundings. In view of the fact that periodicals which are considered to be the major, serious ones could not deal with seemingly banal issues, studying minor periodicals is very important from the point of view of contemporary studies of popular culture, since they often contain an abundance of information on the so-called ordinary, everyday life.


humorous periodicals, professional periodicals, Bubanj, Mirođija, Srpska vezilja, Policijski glasnik, literary history, cultural history