A Periodical as a Literary Form. A contribution to the typology of literary periodicals

Tutnjević, Staniša

Часопис као књижевни облик. Прилог типологији књижевне периодике


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

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The book’s subtitle defines it as “a contribution to the typology of literary periodicals”, and in the introductory/title chapter – based of the theoretical postulates of V. Shklovsky – the author establishes the general framework of the research carried out in the studies that follow, relatively diverse in terms of content and the material encompassed.

The most voluminous study in the book (“The Childhood of Literature or Children’s Literature – a Contribution to the Poetics of Children’s Literature”), focusing on the example of the periodical Spomenak [Forget-Me-Not], deals with the initial contradiction in the concept of children’s periodicals of that time: do they offer texts intended for an audience belonging to a particular age group, or do they, on the contrary, under the name of “children’s literature”, constitute a special area of literature intended for readers who are in their initial phases of understanding the nature and function of literature? The remaining studies – dedicated to individual periodicals or to the characteristic aspects of those periodicals – vary in character between being firmly oriented towards describing the given periodicals typologically (“Dučić in the Periodical Zora [Dawn]”, “More Details on the Vidovdan [St Vitus’ Day] Periodical”, “Novo djelo [ The New Work] Periodical”) and combining this approach with a review of broader cultural-historical issues (“The Mostar Cultural Environment in the Children’s Periodical Spomenak”, “The Literature of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Književni sever”), right down to initiating a discussion of the relationship between traditionality and avant-garde inclinations in the editorial policy of a periodical as the basic determinant of its poetics (“The Young and the Avant-garde – the Periodical Mlada Bosna [Young Bosnia]”).


periodical, typology, children’s literature, Spomenak, Zora, Vidovdan, Novo djelo, Književni sever, Mlada Bosna