A Class of Describing Periodicals III (Pera Todorović)

Rošulj, Žarko

Час описа часописа III (Пера Тодоровић)


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

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The third book in the cycle contains texts dedicated to Pera Todorović, his literary, journalistic and editorial-publishing work towards the end of the 19th and in the early 20th century. Pointing out, in the first chapter of the book, different phases in the publishing work of one of the initiators of modern journalism in Serbia, in the second chapter Žarko Rošulj deals with the issue of the negative reception given to Pera Todorović, initiated by Slobodan Jovanović in Srpski književni glasnik. The major part of this monograph is dedicated to a review of diverse texts that shed light on the nature and significance of the presence of Pera Todorović in humorous and satirical periodicals, radical, liberal and progressive ones alike.


Pera Todorović, publishing, modern journalism, editorial policy, humorous and satirical periodicals, reception