Zenit 1921–1926

Golubović, Vidosava: Subotić, Irina

Зенит 1921–1926


Beograd: Narodna biblioteka Srbije, Institut za književnost i umetnost; Zagreb: Prosvjeta;

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A co-authorial monograph that accompanies a phototype edition of the international avant-garde periodical Zenit, published by Ljubomir Micić between 1921 and 1926, first in Zagreb and then in Belgrade. Lavishly illustrated and produced in keeping with the publishing standards of this kind of publications, the monograph comprises Vidosava Golubović’s study “The Periodical Zenit (1921–1926)”, which offers a synthesis of the literary aspect of the said periodical, and Irina Subotić’s study “The Visual Culture of the Periodical Zenit and Its Publications”, which deals with the literary aspects of the periodical and its publishing activities. In addition to this, the monograph also contains a voluminous chronology entitled “The Annals of Zenit and Zenitism”, which follows all the important activities in and around the periodical, “Biographies of Zenit’s Collaborators”, detailing a broad international network of Micić’s collaborators, “A Bibliography of the Periodical Zenit and the Zenit Library”, “Literature on Zenit and Zenitism”, summaries in the English language and “An Index of Names”.


Zenit, Ljubomir Micić, zenitism, the avant-garde, periodical, visual culture, bibliography