The First Serbian Alternative Periodical. 'Mala biblioteka' of 'Mostar and 'Prijegled Male biblioteke'

Tutnjević, Staniša

Први српски алтернативни часопис. Мостарска 'Мала библиотека' и 'Пријеглед <em>Мале библиотеке</em>'


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost, Svet knjige;

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This book is a complex study dealing with “Mala biblioteka [A Small Library]”, put out by the Mostar publishers Paher and Kisić (1899–1910), and the periodical “Prijegled ‘Male biblioteke’ [An Overview of ‘A Small Library’]”, published as its attendant content between 1902 and 1908. There is a detailed examination of the cultural significance of “Mala biblioteka” (as one of the projects of “books for the people”, in the context of similar undertakings in other cultures), and also of the contents and the character of the periodical published alongside it.

The alternative character of this publication – underlined in the title as the basic problematic area of research – is defined both by the fact that, through its contents, it came into being as an “extension” of an already published edition of books, and also on account of the fact that, in terms of its motives for publication and the manner of operation, it differed from other periodicals of the era. These aspects of the alternative character of the periodical, its evolution and role in the dissemination of knowledge of other European literatures, and the modernisation of Serbian poetry at the beginning of the 20th century, are the subjects of the focal chapters of the book, providing important literary and cultural-historical insights.

A supplement to the book provides a bibliography of the book published in “Mala biblioteka”, with a list of authors featured in the anthologies compiled.


publishing, books for the people, periodical, “Mala biblioteka” of Mostar, Paher and Kisić