The Serbian Literary Avant-garde (1902–1934). The literary-historical context

Tešić, Gojko

Српска књижевна авангарда (1902–1934). Књижевноисторијски контекст


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost, Službeni glasnik;

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A capital monographic synthesis of many decades of research work conducted by one of the most important scholars dealing with the Serbian literary avant-garde. By providing a description of the literary, political and cultural life of the era, the author aimed to come up with a synthesis of the literary period of the avant-garde, offer a new interpretation of a number of works and authors, and establish links, in terms of poetics, with the literature of the second half of the 20th century. Integral parts of the book are a detailed chronology of literary events in the above-mentioned period, and also a bibliography of secondary literature on the avant-garde, both in the South Slavic context and in foreign languages.


the proto-avant-garde, modernism, the avant-garde, polemics, literary history, bibliography