The Serbian Avant-garde in Periodicals: a collection of papers

Vidosava Golubović i Staniša Tutnjević

Српска авангарда у периодици: зборник радова


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

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This collection of papers was compiled as a result of an international scientific conference held in Belgrade in November 1994, and contains contributions from 42 scholars dedicated to various aspects of literary periodicals published between the great wars. Apart from examining the more general phenomena pertaining to the avant-garde and modernism, these texts deal with the editors-in-chief, contributors and editorial policies of representative avant-garde periodicals, with certain typological and comparatist phenomena, and with the visual-typographic aspects of avant-garde periodicals. This collection of papers contains an index of names and periodical publications.


modernism, the avant-garde, expressionism, zenitism, surrealism, periodical, comparative studies, editorial policy