Pera Todorović: a collection of papers

Vesna Matović

Пера Тодоровић: зборник радова


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

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Pera Todorović (1852–1907) was a prominent political figure, a follower of Svetozar Marković, one of the founders and the most vociferous tribunes, and subsequently a dissident of the People’s Radical Party, one of the initiators of modern journalism and a prolific writer. The papers contained in this collection encompass all three aspects of Todorović’s life and work in the political and the public sphere, the focus being on his literary and journalistic opus. Publishing his work in daily papers and periodicals, most often those which he edited himself (Rad [Work], Straža [Guard], Ilustrovana ratna hronika [The Illustrated War Chronicle]) or owned (Male novine [Small Newspaper], the Smiljevac calendar, Bršljan [Ivy], Zimzelen [Evergreen]...), Todorović was existentially connected with journalism, and he adjusted his literary works thematically and structurally to his readers’ interests, the rhythm of the publication of his periodicals and to his own political ideas. In this collection of papers, we particularly analysed the author’s literary-critical and literary-theoretical views, his para/historical and popular novels, memoir works and feuilletons, inclining towards allegorical-satirical and fantastic prose.


Pera Todorović, journalism, politics, memoir prose, feuilleton-type novel, realism, fantasy