The Image of the Other in Balkan and Central European Literatures

Miodrag Maticki

Слика другог у балканским и средњоевропским књижевностима


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

Cataloguing data:

ISBN 86-7095-115-0
COBISS.SR-ID 135738892


This collection of papers gathers together papers presented in the course of the scientific conference “The Image of the Other in Balkan and Central European Literatures”, organised in December 2005 within the framework of the international project “The Category of ‘Own-foreign’ in Slavic Literatures and Cultures”. The project was realised by the Institute for Literature and Art (within the framework of its project for studying periodicals) in cooperation with the Department of Slavic Studies in Poznan (Poland), the Institute for Literature in Sofia (Bulgaria) and the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb (Croatia).

Through the studies contained in this collection of papers, issues pertaining to cultural, gender, class and national identities, the image of the other, the Balkans and Central Europe, as well as the relationship between the rural and the urban, the old and the new, own and foreign, are reviewed in a comparatist manner, from various theoretical positions (imagology, post-colonial criticism, etc.), spanning the period from the 18th century, folk literature and literary-historical prose, through the era of periodicals and travel writings, to the contemporary Serbian novel.


comparative imagology, identity, the image of the other, the Balkans, Central Europe