Književni sever (1925–1935): a collection of papers

Marija Cindori

Књижевни север (1925–1935): зборник радова


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost; Novi Sad: Matica srpska;

Cataloguing data:


Together, the bibliography and the collection of papers Književni sever [Literary North] (1925–1935) make up a research whole dedicated to the first Serbian literary periodical published in Subotica. In the introductory part of the bibliography, we present the contents of individual issues, while annotated bibliographical notes are classified on the basis of authors. The bibliography was available in electronic form to all the participants of a scientific conference dedicated to Književni sever, which made it easier for them to gain insight into the periodical in its entirety, its genre and thematic structure, and the contributions of all its collaborators. This approach resulted in research that deals with particular topics on the basis of the whole, and not relying on individual segments of the periodical, and the scientific papers gathered in this collection give an all-encompassing insight into the profile of Književni sever.


Književni sever, Subotica, periodicals, bibliography