The One Hundredth Anniversary of Srpski književni glasnik: the Axiological Aspect of Tradition in Serbian Literary Periodicals. A collection of papers

Staniša Tutnjević i Marko Nedić

Сто година Српског књижевног гласника: аксиолошки аспект традиције у српској књижевној периодици: зборник радова


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

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Marking the one hundredth anniversary of the initiation of one of the most important and most influential Serbian literary periodicals, the editors and contributors to this collection of papers strove to examine the said periodical from various aspects (theoretical-aesthetic, literary-historical, political, social) and thus determine its place within the framework of the development trends of our national literature and culture. The papers contained in the first part of the collection mainly deal with Glasnik’s editorial policy and with the issue of its attitude towards tradition and modernism, while not neglecting the differences between the concepts of the pre-war and the post-war Glasnik, determined to a great degree by the new power relations in the sphere of literature; the second segment of the collection is dedicated to genre investigations and to examining literary works from various epochs (old and Dubrovnik literature, realism, the Moderna, the reception of plays, theatrical and musical works); the third part of the collection deals with the reception of foreign literatures in Glasnik (French, German, English, Russian, Spanish, neo-Hellenic, Hungarian literature), which is of particular importance, for it influenced the formation of the literary and ideological principles of this periodical; the final section contains papers that deal with the political role of SKG, its attitude towards some of the important actors of the literary and political life of Serbia and towards totalitarian ideologies in the period between the great wars.


Srpski književni glasnik [The Serbian Literary Herald], Serbian literature and culture, tradition, modernism, literary genres and epochs