Serbian Literary Periodicals 1768–1941: a List and Other Contributions

Vitošević, Dragiša: Vuković, Ðorđije: Golubović, Vidosava: Ðurić, Silvija: Kostić, Stanka: Maticki, Miodrag: Petrov, Aleksandar: Tešić, Gojko

Српска књижевна периодика 1768–1941: попис и други прилози


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

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The bibliography Serbian Literary Periodicals 1768-1941. A List of Serbian Literary Periodicals and Other Periodical Publications with Literary Contributions Published Between 1768 and 1941, along with attendant studies, is a result of the team work put in by the collaborators on the project “The History of Serbian Literary Periodicals” – Dragiša Vitošević, Đorđije Vuković, Vidosava Golubović, Silvija Đurić, Stanka Kostić, Miodrag Maticki, Aleksandar Petrov, Gojko Tešić, and was published by the Institute for Literature and Art in 1984. This work was compiled to serve as an auxiliary tool in the preparation of a six-volume “History of Serbian Literary Periodicals” within the framework of the eponymous project of the Institute for Literature and Art, and it comprises only those periodicals that had the character and the role of literary periodicals and contained literary contributions. Bibliographic notes on the periodicals featured are organised chronologically, the borderline years being the years of initiating and closing the periodical in question. The bibliography consists of 1336 items, and the corpus of periodicals comprises publications dating from 1768, when the first Serbian periodical was initiated ‒ Orfelin’s Slavic-Serbian Magazine – until 1941, when the Second World War began, which was also the year originally planned to end “The History of Serbian Literary Periodicals”, as formulated in the programmatic text of the project, published within the framework of the Development Plan.

After the bibliographic part of the publication, three short studies were published, dealing with the principles of studying periodicals, as well as annual periodicals dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, constituting a separate section in terms of structural and thematic characteristics, which made it necessary to systematise it outside the basic bibliographic list of periodicals and newspapers. In his short study “Almanacs and Calendars”, M. Maticki provided a list and a description of those periodicals, and he presented it in a more developed form two years later in his voluminous Bibliography of Serbian Almanacs and Calendars. In the Questionnaire written by D. Vitošević and Đ. Vuković, a succession of questions systematised the basic theoretical principles and the methodological approach to studying periodicals, while in Đ. Vuković’s subsequent text For a History of Literary Periodicals these principles are further developed within the proposed scientific-research framework of the project “The History of Serbian Literary Periodicals”.


bibliography, periodical, newspaper, calendar, almanac, cultural supplement, literary contribution