A Collection of Papers in Honour of Aleksandar Petrov

Miodrag Maticki

Зборник у част Александра Петрова


Institut za književnost i umetnost;

Cataloguing data:


In the series of special editions of the Institute for Literature and Art, we published a collection of papers dedicated to Dr Aleksandar Petrov, the initiator of the project “The History of Serbian Literary Periodicals” and the founder of the periodical Književna istorija, who worked at the Institute for more than thirty years (1965–1996). This collection of papers, which takes over the structure of the periodical Književna istorija, and bears the logo of the first series of the periodical on the cover, is made up of five sections: The history of Serbian literary periodicals (comprising nine papers), Studies, Articles, Literary portraits and Research. The introductory text by M. Maticki contains a chronological overview of the scientific and literary activities of A. Petrov during his residence abroad (1990-2004).