TALVJ and Serbian Literature and Culture

Gabriele Šubert i Vesna Matović

ТАЛФЈ и српска књижевност и култура


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

Cataloguing data:

ISBN 978-86-7095-144-0
COBISS.SR-ID 152030476


This collection of papers is dedicated to translations of Serbian Folk Poems (published 1835 and 1853), done by Therese Albertine Luise von Jakob, and to their reception in the German, European and American cultural public. The mediating role of TALVJ contributed very much to Serbian oral literature becoming a part of European literature and to changing the image of Serbia and the Serbs. Even though it is dedicated to a single person, through the scope of topics that it encompasses, this collection of papers spans an entire epoch, delineating a history if ideas, the contribution of cultural centres, institutions, literary periodicals, as well as literary circles and salons, and points to the significance of prominent individuals on the national and European level (Goethe, Vuk Karadžić, Herder, TALVJ, Kopitar, the brothers Grimm) for successful literary mediation. This collection of papers, which came into being as a result of scientific cooperation between the Institute of Slavic Studies in Jena and the Institute for Literature and Art, contains papers by the most prominent German and Serbian Slavic studies, comparative literature and German scholars, as well as two large additional sections: TALVJ’s Correspondence and A Bibliography of TALVJ’s Works and Literature on Her Opus.


Therese Albertine Luise von Jakob, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, Serbian Folk Poems, oral / folk literature, translations, reception, correspondence, bibliography