Serbs in America and Their Periodical Publications

Vidaković Petrov, Krinka

Срби у Амeрици и њихова периодика, књига прва


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

Cataloguing data:

ISBN 978-86-7095-129-7
COBISS.SR-ID 144729100


Serbian immigrant periodical publications in America are a significant source for several projects. Firstly, they provide information for the reconstruction of the history of Serb immigrants in America and the research of a number of issues regarding immigration, Americanization, social adaptation, etc. Secondly, periodical publications generated a new product: the Serb immigrant public opinion in America, which would play a significant role in the way key immigrant issues were viewed. Thirdly, periodical publications were in some cases both a product of and a factor of influence on Serb immigrant organizations, especially fraternal societies and federations, on the local, regional and national level. Fourthly, periodical publications provide a key insight into the way of life of immigrants, their social and psychological needs, changes involved in adaptation, the central role of culture in ethnic identity, the forging of a new Serbian-American identity. Last but not least, these publications provide information on the relationship involving the protagonists of this process: the land of emigration, the land of immigration and the people who were at the same time emigrants and immigrants. Another factor involved in this process is the image of the Motherland, which played an important role in the first two turbulent decades of the twentieth century.


immigration, emigration, periodicals, Serbs in America, identity, public opinion, social adaptation