Allegories of a Learned Hermit

Grbić, Dragana

Алегорије ученог пустинољубитеља


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

Cataloguing data:

УДК 821.163.41.09
ISBN 978-86-7095-160-0
COBISS.SR-ID 177921548


Allegories of a Learned Hermit is the expanded and reworked MA degree thesis by Dragana Grbić, written within the framework of working on the project “The Place and the Role of Periodicals in Recent Serbian Literature”, under the aegis of the Institute of Literature and Art. Over the course of the book’s 517 pages, the author deals with the literary work of Jovan Rajić through the prism of the stylistic device of allegory. The book contains numerous illustrations, an index of names and a detailed summary in the English language.


Jovan Rajić, allegory, Baroque, Enlightenment, religious enlightenment