Nova Evropa 1920‒1941

Marko Nedić i Vesna Matović

Нова Европа 1920‒1941


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

Cataloguing data:

УДК 050.488
ISBN 978-86-7095-168-6
COBISS.SR-ID 180954636


Within the framework of work on the project “The Role of Serbian Periodicals in the Formation of Literary, Cultural and National Models”, the Institute for Literature and Art published a collection of papers entitled Nova Evropa 1920‒1941.

Apart from introductory texts, the collection, comprising thirty-eight papers dealing, over the course of 702 pages, with various aspects of the editorial policy and the social and cultural impact of the periodical Nova Evropa [New Europe], published in Zagreb by the poet and journalist Milan Ćurčin during the period between the two world wars. This collection is marked by an interdisciplinary and regional character, and accompanying it there is a bibliography of Nova Evropa, compiled by Marija Cindori Šinković.

Information about the collection can be obtained from the review “To What Extent Was Nova Evropa Really ‘New’?” by Drago Roksandić, printed in Književna istorija, XLIV, 146, 2012, pp. 225‒241.


Nova Evropa, Milan Ćurčin, periodical, editorial policy, cultural policy, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav idea