Old and New Literary Topics

Ćosić Vukić, Ana

Старе и нове књижевне теме


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

Cataloguing data:

ISBN 86-7095-114-2
COBISS.SR-ID 135633164


Ana Ćosić-Vukić’s book Old and New Literary Topics is made up of 12 texts encompassing the period from Dositej Obradović to Dobrica Ćosić, composed with a view to drawing attention to the key points of the development of recent Serbian literature. The opening text, “The Epistolary Character of the Work of Dositej Obradović”, is followed by an extensive study of Laza Kostić’s A Book on Zmaj, wherein the author points to the significance of this monumental theoretical-aesthetic treatise for the development of Serbian poetry. In the texts “An Anthology of Recent Serbian Lyrical Poetry by Bogdan Popović and Srpski književni glasnik” and “The Concordances of Bogdan Popović and Jovan Skerlić”, the author deals with the ideas of these two great critics in the context of the idea of modernity in Serbian literature at the beginning of the 20th century. The section dedicated to “old topics” features a text about Vasa Pelagić’s contributions to the Pančevac [Pančevo News] periodical and an overview of research into Janko Veselinović’s obituaries in the periodicals of his time. The texts “The Poems of Mile Bekut in Književni sever [Literary North]” and “Branko Ćopić’s Autobiography”, as well as “A Satirical Story by Branko Ćopić and a Critique of Yugoslav Socialism”, expand the interpretation of Branko Ćopić’s opus by providing hitherto unknown details concerning his biography and work. This book also features a monographic treatment of the youth periodical Mladi borac [Young Fighter] (1944–1951), depicting the birth of a new generation of writers and a “new” literature in the post-revolutionary era after World War Two. The text about the literary beginnings of Dobrica Ćosić is the first text of its kind, as is the examination of the relationship between Ćosić’s Writer’s Notes and his diaries.


Dositej Obradović, Laza Kostić, Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Vasa Pelagić, Janko Veselinović, Jovan Skerlić, Bogdan Popović, Srpski književni glasnik, the Moderna, Mile Bekut, Branko Ćopić, post-World War Two satire, Mladi borac, socialist realism and post-war literature, Dobrica Ćosić, Dobrica Ćosić’s Writer’s Notes