Srpski književni glasnik 1920–1941. A bibliography of the new series

Vojinović, Staniša

Српски књижевни гласник 1920–1941. Библиографија нове серије


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost; Novi Sad: Matica srpska;

Cataloguing data:

ISBN 86-7095-111-8
COBISS.SR-ID 125843724


The bibliography of the new series of Srpski književni glasnik (1920–1941) came into being as volume two of the collection of papers from the scientific conference “The One Hundredth Anniversary of Srpski književni glasnik. The Axiological Aspect of Tradition in Serbian Literary Periodicals” (Belgrade, 2003).(The bibliography of the first series of Srpski književni glasnik was compiled by Ljubica Đorđević in 1982).

The bibliography of the new series of Srpski književni glasnik was compiled chronologically, for each year of publication, based on volume and issue, and in the final section it contains an alphabetically arranged index of surnames. At the beginning of the bibliography, there is a chronological overview of volumes, editors, owners, managers, managerial, supervisory and literary boards for each year of publication and each volume of the periodical. This overview is followed by a list of deciphered codes, initials and pseudonyms.

Of all the significant Serbian literary periodicals that were published between the First and the Second World War on the territory of Serbia, only Srpski književni glasnik and Letopis Matice srpske were published continuously between 1920 and 1941. The tradition of the first series of SKG was observed to a great degree in the new series as well; old contributors continued publishing in the new series, but were joined by modernists from the very first issue, and later by representatives of social literature.


bibliography, periodical, Srpski književni glasnik (the new series)