The Annals of Cultural Life in Serbia Under Occupation 1941‒1944

Ðorđević, Bojan

Летопис културног живота Србије под окупацијом 1941‒1944


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost; Novi Sad: Matica srpska;

Cataloguing data:

ISBN 86-7095-087-1
COBISS.SR-ID 173728263


The Annals of Cultural Life in Serbia Under Occupation 1941–1944 encompass an overview of articles from the most important daily and weekly papers published in Serbia during the period of German occupation in World War Two. The research encompassed contributions pertaining to culture and art in the papers Novo vreme [New Era], Obnova [Renewal], Srpski narod [The Serbian People], Naša borba [Our Struggle] and Prosvetni glasnik [The Educational Herald]. For the sake of facilitating accessibility, and in accordance with the established standards for preparing this type of publication at the Institute, the articles featured were classified into seven sections: The general section, Libraries, Literature, The theatre, Music life, Fine arts and Film. Regardless of which section it is, the bibliography refers separately to each paper featured, in chronological order, and the majority of bibliographic items are accompanied by brief comments pointing more closely to the contents of the article in question.


cultural life, occupation, bibliography, Novo vreme, Obnova, Srpski narod, Naša borba, Prosvetni glasnik