The Genre Metamorphoses of Pera Todorović

Matović, Vesna

Жанровске метаморфозе Пере Тодоровића


Beograd: Institut za književnost i umetnost;

Cataloguing data:

ISBN 978-86-7095-190-7
COBISS.SR-ID 195761420


In the monograph The Genre Metamorphoses of Pera Todorović, the research focus is on this author’s memoir and novelistic prose, as well as feuilleton-type texts, published in newspapers and periodicals (Javnost [Public], Straža [Guard], Rad [Work], Samouprava [Home Rule], Male novine [Small Newspaper], Ogledalo [Mirror]). The fact that Todorović was torn between different spheres: journalistic informativeness, which often bordered on sensationalism, the politically motivated need for engagement and exerting influence on social trends, coupled with indubitable literary talent, resulted in a creative opus that was very dispersive in genre and thematic terms. The cross-breeding of diverse intentions, narrative perspectives and genre forms problematised Todorović’s work in a special way, giving rise to questions about its coherence, as well as innovativeness.


Pera Todorović, journalism, periodicals, genre, memoirs, novel, feuilleton, Javnost, Straža, Rad, Samouprava, Male novine, Ogledalo